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Nike Chosen Crew Video Contest - Finalister

Didam, 15-03-2012 af Mathijs Tromp
I dag afslørede Nike hvilke crews som gik videre i deres Video Contest.

Top 3 Video Crews:

Rockon SB, Germany
This Must Be The Place, USA
Smallzinema, Finland


Vindere i Chosen Contest:

Andy Nudds, United Kingdom

Joel Anderson, Sweden

Daniel Reichegger, Italia

Hoch Ybrig, Switserland

Felix Georgii, Germany

Enzo Nilo, France

Bernat Ripoll, Spain

Stephan Wimmer, Austria

Jorn Simmen Aaboe, Norway


Tjek filmeme fra de forskellige stop ud her:

Nike Chosen #9 Tryvann - Norway

Still 1 Wildcard for the Nike Chosen Series!

Nike Chosen Series - Vote now!

Nike Chosen Series - Ehrwalt
Nike Chosen Series - Andorra
Nike Chosen Series - Hochkonig

Nike Chosen Series vs Nike Chosen crew contest
Nike Chosen series update #1
Nike Chosen Series foto's Ehrwaldk
Nike Chosen Series foto's Chatel
Nike Chosen Series foto's Hochkonig
Nike Chosen Series foto's Valinord

Nike Chosen Series Update #1

Nike Chosen series -VS- Nike Chosen Crew video contest

Nike Oslo Backyard #1 - The beginning

Nike Chosen Round 1 Recap


Nike Chosen

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